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An award-winning, music-filled, bible-rich study with 13 original songs

Do you long for the steady strength and genuine joy that Jesus offers?

In a world that is constantly trying to weaken our faith and steal our joy, SoulFULL is a Bible-saturated study with refreshing worship songs seemlessly connected to guide you on a journey to drink deeply from 10 different wells of God’s love where strength and joy abound.

The songs and pages of SoulFULL will…

  • Help you recognize the pursuits that are depleting you and learn to live fully supplied in Christ
  • Focus your heart on the treasure of knowing Jesus as you study God’s Word
  • Equip you to overcome fear and discouragement through the power of Bible-rich songs
  • Help you remember and absorb God’s Word more fully as you sing His praises throughout your day
  • Prepare you to share the song of your life so that others will know God’s love through you

SoulFULL is the revised edition of the groundbreaking, award-winning original study. Each chapter blends clear biblical teaching with up-tempo grooves and heart-stirring ballads to guide you on a transformative journey that will awaken your soul to see how God’s love is active in every area of your life.

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the songs:



Song #1: SoulFULL A prayer to be filled with God’s Love, Light, and Life that truly satisfies our souls

Song #2 Masterpiece A reflection on the evidence in creation that declares the glory of the Creator

Song #3 History A declaration of the true story of the Gospel from the creation of man to the hope of heaven for all who receive Jesus as Savior and Lord

Song #4 Let Me Love You A love song and invitation from the heart of God to you

Song #5 I Invite You In A prayer in response to God’s love

Song #6 Alive In Me A testimony to the transformation that Jesus makes in a heart and life made new by His salvation and indwelling Spirit

Song #7 Ordinary Miracle An awakening to God’s miraculous and generous gifts available to us each day

Song #8 Beautiful Like You A call to submit to God’s ongoing good work of making us more beautiful like Him

Song #9 Raining Down A song soaking in the blessings that flow from God’s Living Word

Song #10 When We Pray A proclamation of the power of prayer and praise to crush the darkness and make the way for miracles

Song #11 God of Mystery A commitment to praise God, trusting His sovereignty in the midst of suffering

Song #12 All Things New A longing to see Jesus return and make all things new while pursuing unity in the Church

Song #13 I Choose Joy A celebration of the joy that is available through Jesus in every moment

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